We are determined that -uno does not become part of a fast-fashion, high waste culture that is so destructive to the planet. We also want to support small scale British manufacturing, cutting down on transport costs and emissions.

-unobra & knickers

The bra and knicker set is made from Lenzing Modal that is made from beech tree cellulose that is spun into a yarn. It requires 10-20% less water than the production of cotton. Growing beech trees is a much less agriculturally intensive process than cotton because it doesn’t require irrigation. Beech trees also grow in Europe – so the raw materials are close to home. TENCEL™ Modal is produced in Austria in a net zero carbon factory. In addition up to 95% of the production materials are recycled.

-unobikini & briefs

Our bikini is made from Carvico ECONYL® The fabric is made from a yarn that is spun from 100% regenerated nylon made from pre and post-consumer waste materials including ocean plastics. 8 million tons of waste plastic ends up in the sea every year including 640,000 tons of abandoned fishing nets. Aquafil is the company that makes the yarn and we are excited to support the Healthy Seas initiative by using this product. Healthy Seas collaborates with fishing communities to implement preventative actions against pollution caused by discarded fishing nets, finding new solutions for sustainable displosal both environmentally and economically.

The really special thing about our products is that the fabrics feel incredible and luxuriously soft but are made using predominantly recycled and natural materials. They are also durable, breathable and moisture wicking.

Manufacturing process:

We have also decided to follow a model that many small, designer and boutique brands have tried and tested : Making our products to order in small batches. In that way, we make exactly what you order, with no waste, but we get it at a much lower price point than a bespoke service.

That means, we will be placing regular manufacturing orders throughout the year and sending out orders in batches – so it may take a little longer to arrive than something you order from a high street shop – but we hope you’ll agree that these principles are worth waiting for! Also this allows us to gauge demand accurately and respond to needs. If you want us to develop bigger sizes/other colours, that’s what we’ll do!

Unobra sustainability image

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